Who we work with

We're a part of the team - we win together

We work in Board and Advisory positions with (primarily) emerging tech companies in both the US and EMEA.  Our clients are leaders in storage, networking, AI/Machine Learning, and cloud-based services targeted to the commercial enterprise and public sectors.  They face challenges of strategy, growth, execution, and expansion - and we help address these.  Below are some comments from exciting young industry leaders that we work with.

Critical Links, Inc

Board of Directors position

"The guidance, oversight, and strategic thinking that the Bodhiment team has provided has made an incalculable difference in the success and enterprise value of our company." - Joao Carreira, Board of Directors

Xenovus, Inc.

Advisory Board position

"The critical thought process that the Bodhiment team brings to the table carries immense value, and definitely reduces our risk." - Ram Jayam, CEO

Instamour, Inc.

Board Member position

"I don't even want to think of the mistakes that we would have made without the solid guidance from Bodhiment team mam members..." - Jason Sherman, CEO

NEI, Inc.

Board Member position

"As a public company, we needed Board members that could blend market knowledge, operational expertise, and a thorough understanding of governance - with Chuck on our Board, we got all of that and more." - Doug Bryant, CFO

Board of Directors Positions

  • Critical Links, Inc.
  • Delphine Acquisitions, Inc.
  • Instamour, Inc.
  • Original Taekwon-Do Federation of America (non-profit)
  • VIZpin, Inc.
  • Modern Robotics, Inc. (acquired by Boxlight, INc. [NASDAQ:BOXL])
  • ITF-USA (non-profit)
  • Watchful Software, Inc. (acquired by Symantec, Inc.)
  • TimeSight Systems, Inc. (technology licensed to major storage OEM)
  • InfiniCon Systems, Inc. (acquired by QLogic, Inc.)
  • Cluster File Systems, Inc. (acquired by Sun Microsystems)
  • NEI, Inc. (acquired by Unicom Global)
  • Northwest Health Services (non-profit)

Advisory Board of Positions

  • Xenovus, Inc.
  • Matilda Cloud Solutions
  • Rackware, Inc.
  • ATS, Inc.
  • Intelligent Witness
  • Talon Storage, Inc.
  • SAN Castle, Inc.