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Bodhiment was established to bring a unique style of mentoring to growing businesses.  Combining the focus of zen, the fierce discipline of classic warriorship, and proven emerging growth techniques learned from years of experience, we help executive teams learn to concentrate on what's important and then execute with precision.

About Bodhiment, Inc.

The principals at Bodhiment have deep experience in leading companies both large and small to success. From public, to private, to seed-stage startups, we have walked that path, fought those battles, and learned those lessons.

It's not something that companies should do on their own given a choice.

There's a good reason that across the spectrum of best practices, from simple 'good business hygiene' in small companies to compliance regulations in larger public companies, outside experts are required to guide company management on the journey to success. There's a lot at stake.

Our team has built companies from scratch to successful M&A exits, we've established industry leaders, we've taken companies public. And yes, we have had to learn to wind a company down - that's where the tough learning comes in. But the wins outnumber the losses, and the formula for success has been tested and proven. That's why companies continue to ask us for insight, guidance, and oversight on the path to success.

- Chuck Foley

About our Founder

Bodhiment was founded by Charles "Chuck" Foley, a tech-industry veteran with over 30 years of tech-sector leadership experience spanning both private and public companies. No stranger to the emerging markets/growth sector, he's led the fundraising of over $100M of venture investment for the companies where he's served. He currently sits on the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards for several companies, while also serving as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Talon Storage, a leader in the area of software-defined cloud storage technologies.

Prior to Talon, Chuck was Chairman & CEO of Watchful Software in the data-centric info security field (acquired by Symantec in 2016), and was also Chairman & CEO of TimeSight Systems, Inc., an innovator in digital surveillance and storage systems. In the networking sector, Chuck was President of Tacit Networks, Inc., designing the strategies that led to their acquisition by Packeteer (NASDAQ: PKTR) in 2006, and before that he was Chairman and CEO of InfiniCon Systems, Inc.,  in high-performance datacenter networking systems with a specialty in high performance computing sector; the company was subsequently acquired by QLogic (NASDAQ:QLGC).

As for public companies, Chuck served as EVP & CTO of INRANGE Technologies, a leader in the storage networking field where he was Project Manager for an extremely successful IPO (NASDAQ: INRG) which reached a $5.5B market cap while revenues rose rapidly from $185M to $265M in just two years. Further, he served as VP, Worldwide Marketing & Strategy for Amdahl (subsequently acquired by Fujitsu), and has also held senior positions at IBM and Memorex-Telex, Inc. Past Board of Director positions include publicly-traded NEI, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEI), and privately held Cluster File Systems (acquired by Sun Microsystems).

Our Extended Team

Along with our Founding Partner, our clients have access to a rich array of industry professionals that have served as CEO, CFO, and VP WW Sales for numerous technology companies.  Their expertise lies in the ability to craft a strategy, layout a tactical plan to follow the strategy, and engage in the execution of that plan while orchestrating a handoff to the client's executive team that enriches them as executives and positions the organization for success.

Bodhiment Principals Featured in the Press

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Software Veteran Offers Advice On Doing More With Less

Charles Foley is a seasoned high-tech executive with experience in enterprise computing, storage and storage networking, and software. A board member for both public and private companies, Charles has experience building and growing dynamic, fast-moving teams in the high-tech industry including fundraising and liquidity, strategic development, and positioning for long-term success. Charles took time to speak with Software Business Growth about how software companies can do more with less, making difficult resource allocation decisions, and more.

Leveraging Partnerships To Scale Your Company

Source: Software Executive magazine, with Charles Foley

Solve the riddle of scaling fast while spending slowly by asking the question, "Who wins if we win?"

One of the key reasons 63 percent of IT companies don't make it to their fourth year is because of their inability to scale. Most people think of "scaling" as simply adding more people, more facilities, and more "stuff," but that's actually a tail-wagging-the-dog mindset. Real scaling is done by figuring out how to scale output without scaling investment. Everything else follows naturally - and beautifully - after that.

Like many entrepreneurs, Chuck Foley, chairman of Watchful Software, has had to make lots of tough decisions, from laying off hundreds of employees to pulling the plug on a two-year project to firing a close friend.