Bodhiment, Inc.

Mentorship for the modern zenterprise

Bodhi + Mentorship

Bodhi (/ˈboʊdi/; Sanskrit: बोधि; Pali: bodhi) the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things; traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to "awakening". The verbal root budh- means "to awaken."

men·tor·ship (ˈmentôrSHip,ˈmentərSHip), noun; the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution. 

What We Do

At Bodhiment, our mission is to help our clients' management teams succeed by applying decades of accumulated experience, knowledge, and insight. We work both in a 'hands on' and in a mentoring capacity, with proven processes rooted in integrity and accountability.

Board Representation


Decades of experience in strategic, board-level execution across both public and private companies, in both Board of Directors and Advisory Board positions.

Executive Coaching


Top performers in every other field need coaching, leadership, feedback, and mentoring.  What makes business execs any different?

Executive In-Residence


Your market doesn't wait until you find the right long-term fit for your executive slots.  We can help with world-class talent needed on an interim basis across Sales, Marketing, Development, Finance, and Operations. 

Strategic Planning


Too often dynamic businesses don't think far enough ahead, leading to the issues that come with scale.  Determine what the future should be, then build it.